Desi Arnaz Vector Image in Black and White

Desi Arnaz Vector Image in Black and White

Desi Arnaz Vector Image in Black and White

Desi Arnaz Vector Image in Black and White

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  • 3d_plane

  • what is 3D Graphics

    3D computer graphics (in contrast to 2D computer graphics) are graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data (often Cartesian) ...

  • Bike_3D

  • I did this project in photo_shop. I used the magnetic lasso tool to traced the biker image and cropped a part of the flat photo layer in order to created the 3d effect, and added it a white stroke around the the photo, and used a free transform tool to position the photo image in such angle, and I added it a text logo as well.
  • Typography_100words

  • Typography

    This is a photo_shop project. I did this image using different layers shadows and semitone, and I applied a fill of a 50% gray on the shadow layer and another 100% black fill on the semitone layer, and I created a text layer which I applied the mask layer as well, and I also use the fx layer to applied the colors on the text layer, and I made define brush with my name which I place at the bottom of my project.
  • company logo

  • Michael’s_Graphic Designers

    This is a illustrator project. I did this vector logo using the following tools, marquee, eye dropper, gradient, alignment, type, tracking, swatch, direct selection tool, and the object outline.
  • Glossy_3D logo

  • Glossy_3d logo

    This is a photo_shop project . I did this very nice looking logo using the following tools: rounded rectangle tool(3 times), mask tool, type tool, align tool, elliptical marquee tool, brush tool, gradient tool and I applied different types of filters.
  • Africa

  • My Africa

    This project was done in photo-shop to create compound vector shape layer using a low-resolution images as template, to add pattern and fill color to the vector shape layer, and composite multiple images using Smart Objects, to create a clipping mask to place images into the vector shape layer, the use of soft-edged layer masks to blend one image into another, and to apply filters to images to create a painting effect, also the use of gradients and patterns to create a custom background, so liquify pixels to create unique effects, and changing the blending modes to merge one layer into another.
  • Man Watch Jewelry

  • Men’s Watch

    People often associate "jewelry" with something a woman possesses and uses. Yet for centuries mens jewelry has been fashionable and popular in many levels of society and state...
  • Mom_baby

  • This is a photo_shop project. I used several method of cutting and corp a whole picture, and used the selection tool to trace the baby so I holded CTLR_C and CTLR_J, and I used the gradient tool to fill the background with black, and I created it a name logo in another screen which I imported to place it on page, I used the magnetic tool and the blur tool to smooth the edges of the baby out of the portrait, and I also used transform tool and the perspective to give it a 3D look.
  • Jazz Festival Poster

  • This is an In-design project. I created a file with the appropriate settings for a four color commercially printed poster, using gradients, graphics, and images effects to attract the viewer’s attention, I also added text elements and applying formatting as appropriate for a poster, threading a single text story across multiple text frames, and understanding the various options for formatting characters and paragraphs, also using inline graphics to highlight important text elements, and created a PDF file that meets the printer’s requirements.
  • House Painting

  • This is another photo-shop project, I converted an image from bitmap to RGB color mode, and loading a custom swatch panel to access approved colors, and using fill and stroke techniques to create the basic shapes in the artwork, also using hard and soft brushes to create detail in the painting, and using brush blending modes to achieve special effects such as deep shadows, also creating and applying custom patterns to create large areas of consistent texture, and setting brush options to randomize brush strokes and paint “natural” scenes.
  • Red_eye

  • This is a photo_shop project. I did this color correction using the red eye tool, I also used the clone tool(Ctrl+S), and the sample tool(Ctrl+I), and I added it more canvas(Ctrl+Alt+C) to make room for the after picture, finally I used the type tool(Ctrl+T) and align tool to position the text.
  • Michael Graphic Designs

  • Stop dreaming about getting a flyer, business cards, brochures, graphics, signs.... Why wait. Call Mike GD for FREE Live evaluation. Mike is certified in Graphic Designs in Los angeles CA back on 2012. The result will be incredible, you will see…….
  • Fire_Check it

  • This is a Project in photoshop. I did this typography by using a number of skills and tools, and I transported it the fire from another image file; first able I used the type tool and the layer style, and added it drop shadow, and color overlay, and Satin, and outer glow effect, and the filter liquify to give it this burning and melting look.
  • Final_poster

  • This is a photo_shop project. I created this poster by cropping and deleting several images using different tools, and I also used the free transform tool to position and feather the images, and I imported the images and placed them to capture the best look possible, and finally I used the type tool.
  • DVD_Cover1

  • This is a photo_shop project. I imported several images, and I used the magnetic lasso and the magic wand and the marquee tool to cut all images, and I placed them together to catch the best look possible look.
  • Best of the west

    January 2013
    M T W T F S S
    « Dec   Feb »
  • Highway To Heaven

  • This is a photo_shop project. I did this project with 2 pictures and I transform the text to shape and a lot more.
  • Graphic Design | Vision Multimedia

  • Graphic Design | Vision Multimedia

    Graphic designers lend shade and living to virtually any picture. Graphic designers determine the simplest way of finding a message across on the net, ... Graphic designers lend shade and living to virtually any picture. Graphic designers determine the simplest way of finding a message across on the net, electronic and also film media with the aid of color, sort, photography, cartoon, illustration and also various art print and structure techniques. They generate packaging and also marketing literature for products, and layout logos regarding products and also businesses. They’re also into developing material regarding Internet website pages, interactive mass media, and multimedia system projects.
  • Jaimes Art Work “Mickey Mouse Edition”

  • Jaimes Art Work “Mickey Mouse Edition”

    BLOC 28 ARTIST SERIES To re-interpret Mickey Mouse using non-traditional media like murals, graffiti, and street art, BLOC28 by Disney is a project that encompasses artist visualisations of one of the world’s most recogniseable characters… The idea for BLOC28 started about 3 years ago. Disney thought it would be interesting to work with artists experienced in non-traditional media like murals, graffiti, and street art. It started as just a few graphics, but it was soon developed into its own program. They knew there were artists out there that were inspired by Disney characters as kids, and wanted to see how Mickey could be reinterpreted.
  • White and Black Lady Vector In Photo Shop

  • Photoshop can not create true vector images. This is a very common misconception. Regardless of how you create a file and save it, Photoshop always saves both vector and raster information. You can't create vector files with Photoshop. You can only create raster files with vector containers/edges. This means you may have a vector square and its edges will remain sharp and crisp, however if that square has a gradient fill. That gradient fill is raster entirely and it will suffer upon some scaling. Applications such as Illustrator, Corel, Xara, actually can contain only 100% resolution independent vector data. It's not a matter of "people preferring" to use a vector application. It's required if you want a true vector format in the end.
  • What is graphic design?

  • What is graphic design? Suppose you want to announce or sell something, amuse or persuade someone, explain a complicated system or demonstrate a process. In other words, you have a message you want to communicate. How do you “send” it? You could tell people one by one or broadcast by radio or loudspeaker. That’s verbal communication. But if you use any visual medium at all-if you make a poster; type a letter; create a business logo, a magazine ad, or an album cover; even make a computer printout-you are using a form of visual communication called graphic design
  • Custom Graphic Design Images Solutions

  • Kampany-Photoshop-i-Akademi

  • Graphic Design Outsourcing

  • Having the right graphics is essential to the performance of any marketing campaign. Utilizing the right images and designs can assist in the success rate of your marketing efforts and set your company apart from the competition. Here at Funnel Boost Media, we understand that finding the right images can be a tiresome task, if not impossible. Companies require specific custom images to convey a message or engage the viewer. I found this post right here thank u for stopping by....
  • illustration Web Page

  • We did this project in illustration using actions and batches automate repetitive processes and improve productivity, creating and optimizing frame-based animation in a illustration file, and slicing a page into pieces and defining settings for individual slices, also saving images and pages in appropriate format for display on the web.
  • IA Layout

  • How to make it.

    This is an Illustration project. I used live trace to create complex vector artwork from a photograph, using live color to make universal and individual changes to colors in a group, also slicing a page into pieces and defining settings for individual slices, and saving images and pages in appropriate formats for display on the web.

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